ECC Kids Golf

The Junior Golf Program at Elmwood is one of our highest priorities and is the future of the game. Not only are they great learning tools and great fun for the juniors, but they give back to the game as well. Regardless of the environment whether on the course, the practice facilities, or in a tournament setting, there are universal goals the Elmwood junior instructional program is set out to achieve:

  • Provide a safe environment for learning to occur.
  • Teach the juniors basic knowledge about the golf course, the game with its traditions 
    and history, etiquette, clubs, and the rules.
  • Provide a setting for fun, social interaction with other juniors.
  • Expose the juniors to positive life values such as honesty, responsibility, and courtesy.
  • Offer instruction in the fundamentals of the game such as grip, set-up, and balance.
  • Create healthy competition with an emphasis on having fun and the process of hitting
    great shots.
  • Provide an avenue for advanced juniors to develop their game.